Core Covenants


Guiding Principles for the King’s Athletic Department

  King’s School Coaches will strive for excellence in:

1.  Christ-centered character development

·Be in continuous pursuit of Christ throughout your daily life.

· Allow God to speak through you in all circumstances.

· Be a Christian role model and challenge your athletes to a life honoring Christ.

2.    Connection and caring community building

· Be present in the lives of student-athletes throughout the year.

·Strive for lasting, meaningful relationships with student-athletes, parents and the King’s community.

 Recognize the various roles of coach, athlete, officials and parents and build connections within those roles.

3.    Communication and organization

· Make updated/current information regarding your program frequently and easily available.

Practice times, transportation, meals, etc.

·       Be clear and concise in your communication to student-athletes, parents and King’s athletic administration.

·       Utilize various forms of communication including email, team websites, or twitter, etc.

·       Keep track of all forms of your budget and communicate expenditures to the AD.