King's Booster Club



Mike Martin Gym Only ($250 first year, $200 per year thereafter -- 3ft x 5ft sign)

Woolsey Stadium Only ($350 first year, $300 per year thereafter -- 4ft x 8ft sign)

Both Locations ($600 first year, $400 per year thereafter)

To order signage, please complete and submit the sign form


Please contact the current Advertising Coordinator (see Board)


Booster Club Benifits and Events Pictures

Golf Tournament

Items Funded


  • Jr. High Volleyball Uniforms
  • Baseball Bags
  • Bench Coats for Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Keeper Coach Stipend for Boys Soccer
  • Assistant Coach for Baseball
  • Popcorn Machine for the Kings Garden Gym Concession Stand
  • Booster Club Tent for use at Events
  • Course Fees for Golf
  • Warm up Pants for Boys Soccer
  • Pinnies for Boys Soccer
  • Foam Rollers for Cross Country and Track
  • New Refrigerator for the Woolsey Stadium concession stand.

King's Athletic Booster Club

The King's Booster Club is an organization of parents and friends of KHS athletics committed to helping King's High School maintain a winning edge in its athletic programs. All competitive teams - soccer, football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, golf, baseball and cheer - benefit from Booster Club dollars.

Membership in the booster club is open to all who wish to support our athletic programs and believe in our Mission Statement. We hope you will join our efforts through membership to help us accomplish our goals. Your fresh ideas, enthusiasm and servant's heart are as valuable to our efforts as your membership fee and the possibilities it provides to King's athletes. Thanks for considering King's Booster Club!


The Booster Club's goal is to support the King's athletics programs by funding areas of need that are not able to be fully covered by the school’s athletic funds. We've chosen to focus primarily on issues of safety, enhanced competitiveness, team unity and capital improvements.

Thanks to the contributions of our members, annually we can fund kickoff and post season parties, stipends for volunteer coaches, gear and safety equipment as the coaches see fit.  In the past, we have also supported larger endeavors such as the scoreboard in Woolsey Stadium, the renovation of the concession stands in Mike Martin Gym and the installation of sound systems in Mike Martin as well as Woolsey Stadium and look forward to our next big project.